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Product categoryBox Body Semi-Trailers
Brand / modelEkeri KapellikattoPPV, sisäk. 2,8m, DJK-789
Manufacturing year2012
Registration year2012
Manufacturing / Serial number31484
Registration numberDJK-789
Manufacturer / BodyworkAB Ekeri Oy
Pallet capacity33
Axle type3
Suspension typeAir-air
Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH)13450 x 2470 x 2800 m
Vehicle's outer dimensions13600 x 2550 x 4050
Rear tire size385/55 22,5"
Production countryFinland
Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest3
Body optionsDisc brakes, Rear doors
AttachmentsVetopöytäkorkeus: 1000mm

Km mittari: 443 233km

Akseli 1: 14mm
Akseli 2: 5mm
Akseli 3:8mm

Akseli 1: 14mm
Akseli 2: 5mm
Akseli 3: 8mm
We are sorry, the equipment dealership that owns this Ekeri KapellikattoPPV, sisäk. 2,8m, DJK-789 box body semi-trailers has either sold or removed this listing from the MASCUS CANDA database. To find additional box body semi-trailers or equipment produced in 2012 located in - Finland kindly click on “Buy” at the top left of this page and enter Ekeri KapellikattoPPV, sisäk. 2,8m, DJK-789 in the search box. This will return all the equipment we have in our database under that or similar criteria. Details - Registration year: 2012, Manufacturing / Serial number: 31484, Registration number: DJK-789, Manufacturer / Bodywork: AB Ekeri Oy, Pallet capacity: 33, Axle type: 3, Brakes: Levyjarrut, Suspension type: Air-air, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 13450 x 2470 x 2800 m, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 13600 x 2550 x 4050 m, Rear tire size: 385/55 22,5", Colour: Valkoinen, Production country: Finland, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Body options: Disc brakes, Rear doors