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    Cheap other clamps

    Below you will find a list of cheap other clamps that you can buy on Mascus. All ads of other clamps are sorted by price so that you can choose the one that suits you best.Please, use refine search navigation on the left hand side to browse the ads by country, brand or other features. Alternatively, please browse all used loaders.

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    • Hiab portaal bakken klem nieuw 1300, Other Clamps

      Hiab portaal bakken klem nieuw 1300Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 1300 mm breed, CE marked: Yes, Fits to following machines: kan aan alle kranen gekoppelt bworden

      Other Clamps

      Netherlands, horssen

      753 CAD
    •  Goedwerkende Mechanische blokkenklem BSV Mechanisc, Other Clamps

      Goedwerkende Mechanische blokkenklem BSV MechaniscFits to following machines: graafmachine

      Other Clamps

      Netherlands, Ede, Nederland

      1,431 CAD
    • JKB stenen klem, 2002, Other Clamps

      JKB stenen klemFits to following machines: laad- en losmachine

      Other Clamps
      Netherlands, Druten, Nederland

      1,507 CAD
    • Meyer 6-5206N, 2006, Other Clamps

      Meyer 6-5206NCE marked: Yes

      Other Clamps
      Sweden, Norrköping

      1,513 CAD
    • Kinshofer Stenenklem, Other Clamps

      Kinshofer StenenklemOpening range: 14

      Other Clamps

      Netherlands, Montfoort

      2,260 CAD
    • Thermo King Aggregat, Other Clamps

      Thermo King Aggregat

      Other Clamps

      Sweden, Trelleborg

      2,269 CAD
    • Mayer Kläm för vitvaror 3-0403-1, 1996, Other Clamps

      Mayer Kläm för vitvaror 3-0403-1Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Transport weight: 646

      Other Clamps
      Sweden, Länna

      2,421 CAD
    • Kaup 1t413g, 1997, Other Clamps

      Kaup 1t413gAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4

      Other Clamps

      2,561 CAD
    •  Krüger Verladetechnik Schwergut Schaufel RS08415 D, 2014, Other Clamps

      Krüger Verladetechnik Schwergut Schaufel RS08415 DAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Opening range: 125, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 1.600 x 850 x 650, Fits to following machines: Inhalt: 840 ltr. Öffnungsbereich: ca.1.250 mm Schneide: 150x20 Hardox 500 mit 2 Hydraulikzylindern Anschlüsse mittig Aufhängung: FEM II , Transport weight: 675, Production country: DE

      Other Clamps
      Germany, Hohenossig

      3,766 CAD
    • Meyer 3 0403-4, 2001, Other Clamps

      Meyer 3 0403-4Opening range: 235, Transport weight: 670, Production country: DE

      Other Clamps
      Sweden, Norrköping

      3,631 CAD
    • Meyer 3 0402 K, 2002, Other Clamps

      Meyer 3 0402 KAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5

      Other Clamps

      3,917 CAD
    • Cascade draaiende vorkenklem, 2010, Other Clamps

      Cascade draaiende vorkenklemAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Rotation: 360

      Other Clamps

      4,520 CAD
    •  Kozina Forklift attachment for crate dumping PZ200, 2016, Other Clamps

      Kozina Forklift attachment for crate dumping PZ200Production country: SI

      Other Clamps
      Slovenia, Kranj

      7,533 CAD
    • Elme 30-35 ton, 2006, Other Clamps

      Elme 30-35 tonAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 12000x3000x1000, CE marked: Yes, Transport weight: 5500, Production country: SE

      Other Clamps
      Sweden, Mjölby

      15,129 CAD
    •  Automatyczna linia do spawania proszkowego H-beam., 2004, Other Clamps

      Automatyczna linia do spawania proszkowego H-beam.Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 70m

      Other Clamps
      Estonia, Tallinn

      47,710 CAD

    Take a look at the list of cheap other clamps for sale. All ads of used other clamps have been sorted by price so you can choose the option that is the most affordable for you.
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