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Cheap container handlers

Below you will find a list of cheap container handlers that you can buy on Mascus. All ads of container handlers are sorted by price so that you can choose the one that suits you best.Please, use refine search navigation on the left hand side to browse the ads by country, brand or other features. Alternatively, please browse all used loaders.

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  • Kessler 82.6094.3b, Container Handlers

    Kessler 82.6094.3b

    Container Handlers


    3,561 CAD
  • Clark GPX 40, 1992, Container Handlers

    Clark GPX40Power type: Gas

    Container Handlers
    United States

    8,312 CAD
  •  Stapler Reifen Michelin 14.00R24 Stabile XMA 193, 2014, Container Handlers

    Stapler Reifen Michelin 14.00R24 Stabile XMA 193Engine power:

    Container Handlers
    2014 1 h

    9,793 CAD
  • Mitsubishi FG25, Container Handlers

    Mitsubishi FG25

    Container Handlers


    9,566 CAD
  • Komatsu FD 25, 2002, Container Handlers

    Komatsu fd 25 lt - 14 side shiftMaximum lift height: 30, Engine: Diesel, Transmission: Manual gearbox

    Container Handlers
    2002 9,358 h

    10,396 CAD
  • Yale GLP 50 MJ, 2006, Container Handlers

    Yale GLP 50 MJMaximum lift capacity: 5000, Engine power:

    Container Handlers
    2006 14,500 h

    14,313 CAD
  • Kalmar DRD 450, 2001, Container Handlers

    Kalmar DRD 450 SpreaderEngine power:

    Container Handlers

    14,915 CAD
  • Avia D80-n, 2002, Container Handlers

    Avia D80-nEngine power:

    Container Handlers
    Czech Republic

    15,262 CAD
  • Svetruck 860, 1992, Container Handlers

    Svetruck 860Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4

    Container Handlers
    United Kingdom

    18,625 CAD
  • Uromac DTH 2500, 2005, Container Handlers

    Uromac DTH 2500Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 2500

    Container Handlers
    2005 5,307 h
    Romania, Buzau

    18,832 CAD
  • Steinbock Boss 13,5-600, 1985, Container Handlers

    Steinbock Boss 13,5-600Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 13500, Type: Full container handler, Maximum lift height: 310

    Container Handlers
    1985 14,000 h

    20,130 CAD
  • Kalmar SMV SL 13-6-600, 1999, Container Handlers

    Kalmar SMV SL 13-6-600Maximum lift capacity: 13000, Engine power: , Engine: Diesel, Transmission: Automatik

    Container Handlers

    25,462 CAD
  • Clark DPL 136, 1987, Container Handlers

    Clark DPL 136

    Container Handlers
    1987 13,605 h
    France, BROCHON

    33,145 CAD
  • Svetruck 11.15 7,5m Linfe Hyster Kalmar, 1998, Container Handlers

    Svetruck 11.15 7,5m Linfe Hyster KalmarAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 15000, CE marked: Yes, Maximum lift height: 750, Transport weight: 57450

    Container Handlers
    Poland, 84-208 Kielno

    35,572 CAD
  • Kalmar 16-1200, 1992, Container Handlers

    Kalmar 16-1200Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 16000, Type: Full container handler, Maximum lift height: 5000, Engine power: 171.65, Engine: diesel, Transmission: automat

    Container Handlers
    1992 32,000 h
    Poland, Bolesławiec

    37,388 CAD
  • Kalmar DCD 70-35 E4, 1998, Container Handlers

    Kalmar DCD70-35E4Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 10000, Maximum lift height: 400, Transmission: DriveHeight, : Accessories, : OtherInformation

    Container Handlers
    1998 8,689 h

    37,288 CAD
  • Sisu FC-45 HB, Container Handlers

    Sisu FC-45 HBMaximum lift capacity: 45000, Transport weight: 16500

    Container Handlers


    43,691 CAD
  • Avia D120-185L, 2012, Container Handlers

    Avia D120-185LEngine power: 1773

    Container Handlers
    Czech Republic

    44,783 CAD
  • Kalmar KLMV 42-1200, 1986, Container Handlers

    Kalmar KLMV42-1200Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Maximum lift capacity: 42000, Type: Full container handler, CE marked: Yes, Maximum lift height: 750, Production country: SE

    Container Handlers
    1986 11,583 h
    United Kingdom, Norh East

    47,431 CAD
  • Hyster H 18.00 XM-12 EC, 2000, Container Handlers

    Hyster H18.00XM-12ECType: Empty container handler, Container grabber make: Hyster

    Container Handlers
    United Kingdom

    47,422 CAD

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