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Used Hako groundscare machines for sale

In this section you will find below a list of all currently available used Hako groundscare machines for sale. The most recent ads are on top of the list. You can browse them by country, price or number of working hours. You can also view all used Hako groundscare machines selected by model.
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  • Hako Citymaster 2000, 2010, Sweepers

    Hako Citymaster 2000Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3

    2010 6,116 h

  • Hako 900E, 2013, Sweepers

    Hako 900EAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 5, Engine: Electric, Handling: Sit on, Usage: Indoor

    2013 115 h
    Netherlands, Tilburg

    6,487 CAD
  • Hako zit veegmachine hamser 1000s, Sweepers

    Hako zit veegmachine hamser 1000s


    Netherlands, Dongen, Nederland

    1,526 CAD
  • Hako Citymaster 2000, 2006, Sweepers

    Hako Citymaster 2000Latest assessment: 2017, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Engine: Diesel, Driving mechanism: 2 WD, Working speed: 25, Steering: Four-Wheel Steer, Handling: Cabin, Top speed: 55, Usage: Outdoor, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 80%, Rear tires remaining: 80%, Accessories: High-pressure Flushing Air-conditioning Rotary Sweeper Vacuum Hose

    2006 5,300 h
    Netherlands, Tilburg

    19,079 CAD
  • Hako Jonas 950, Sweepers

    Hako Jonas 950Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Handling: Sit on


    Netherlands, `s-Gravenpolder, Nederland

    2,976 CAD
  • Hako 1200E, 2011, Sweepers

    Hako 1200EAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Working width: 11500, Engine: Electric, Engine power: 5.77, Steering: Front-Wheel Steer, Handling: Sit on, Usage: Indoor, Production country: DE

    2011 295 h
    Netherlands, Tilburg

    15,187 CAD
  • Hako Citymaster 2000, 2009, Sweepers

    Hako Citymaster 2000Engine: Diesel, Driving mechanism: 4 WD, Working speed: 15, Handling: Cabin, Steering: Four-Wheel Steer, Top speed: 50, Usage: Outdoor, Accessories: High-pressure Flushing Rotary Sweeper Front Blade Vacuum Hose

    2009 5,113 h
    Netherlands, Tilburg

    26,710 CAD
  • Hako Citymaster 1200, Sweepers

    Hako Citymaster 1200Latest assessment: 02/11/2017, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Gross weight: 2600, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 44.25, Driving mechanism: 4 WD, Steering: Four-Wheel Steer, Handling: Cabin, Usage: Outdoor, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 3.97x1.19x2, Guarantee: 1 AN, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 80%

    2,500 h

    45,026 CAD
  • Hako B 115 R, 2014, Sweepers

    Hako B 115 RLatest assessment: 2017, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Working width: 75, Gross weight: 727, Usage: Indoor, Accessories: High-pressure Flushing

    2014 370 h
    France, Lempdes

    11,295 CAD
  • Hako B 650, 2014, Sweepers

    Hako B 650Working width: 65, Gross weight: 325, Engine: Electric, Driving mechanism: 2 WD, Working speed: 2.9, Steering: Front-Wheel Steer, Handling: Walk behind, Top speed: 5, Usage: Indoor, Noise level: 82, Guarantee: 3 à 12 mois, Production country: DE

    France, 75015 PARIS

    5,342 CAD
  • Hako 2250 DA, 1996, Compact tractors

    Hako 2250 DAFront tire size: 2, Rear tire size: 29x8.00-10

    Compact tractors
    1996 567 h
    Germany, Bamberg

    7,567 CAD
  • Hako Jonas 1450 V, 2004, Sweepers

    Hako Jonas 1450 VGross weight: 1800, Engine: Liquid Gas, Engine power: 18, Usage: Indoor, Accessories: Rotary Sweeper, Production country: DE

    2004 1,128 h
    Germany, 90530 Wendelstein

    7,479 CAD
  • Hako 2250 H, 1992, Compact tractors

    Hako 2250 HEngine power: 22

    Compact tractors
    Germany, Wurzen

    5,953 CAD
  • Hako Citymaster, 2012, Sweepers

    Hako CitymasterEngine: Diesel, Engine power: 46.94, Driving mechanism: 4 WD, Working speed: 25, Handling: Cabin, Top speed: 25, Usage: Outdoor, Accessories: Air-conditioning Rotary Sweeper

    2012 7,391 h

    30,373 CAD
  • Hako B 1500, 2006, Sweepers

    Hako B 1500Gross weight: 3300, Engine: Electric

    2006 2,069 h

    10,531 CAD
  • Hako MATIC1000, Sweepers

    Hako MATIC1000Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: Yes

    4,545 h

  • Hako Citymaster, 2010, Compact tractors

    Hako Citymaster

    Compact tractors

    2,289 CAD
  • 1,221 CAD
  • Hako 850 H, Sweepers

    Hako 850 HAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Working width: 100, Engine: Petrol


    Germany, 26605 Aurich

    2,289 CAD
  • Hako Sweepmaster, 2008, Sweepers

    Hako SweepmasterGross weight: 1330, Engine power: 11

    2008 4,488 h
    Germany, 90530 Wendelstein

    8,547 CAD

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