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Product categoryWheel Loaders
Brand / modelLundberg MYYTY! SOLD! 341 KAUHA+PIIKIT
Manufacturing year1980
Meter readout6,600 h
Gross weight2,700 kg
Extra informationRekisterissä, Trukkipiikit, Kauha,
Asiallinen kuormaaja. Sijainti Kärsämäki.
We are sorry, the equipment dealership that owns this Lundberg MYYTY! SOLD! 341 KAUHA+PIIKIT wheel loaders has either sold or removed this listing from the MASCUS CANDA database. To find additional wheel loaders or equipment produced in 1980 located in Kärsämäki Finland kindly click on “Buy” at the top left of this page and enter Lundberg MYYTY! SOLD! 341 KAUHA+PIIKIT in the search box. This will return all the equipment we have in our database under that or similar criteria. Details - Meter readout: 6,600 h, Gross weight: 2,700 kg