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Product categoryWaste / Industry Handlers
Brand / modelSennebogen 821 M Green Line
Manufacturing year2010
Meter readout8,770 h
Unit NumberBM9757
Engine power104 kW (142 hp)
Carrier typeWheeled
AttachmentsStock nr. : BM9757
Marke - Brand : Sennebogen
Type - Model : 821M Green Line
EZ - First Reg : 2010
Motor - Engine : Deutz 4cil. 142PS/HP
Stunden-hours on display: 8770 St./Hour
Extra's (DE) : Klima, Camera, Z.Schmierung, Schild
Extra's : 4x Stutzen, Hydro Cabine, CE & EPA
Extra's : Alle Hydro Funktionen,Schn.Wechslel
Extras (GBR) : Aircon, Camera, A.Lubrication,Blade
Extras : 4x Supp.Legs, Hydro Cabin, CE & EPA
Extras : All Hydro Funktions, Quick Hitch
Reifen/Laufwerk-Tracks : 10.00-20 Full Rubber
Tot.Gewicht - Tot weight: 23.500 KG
EG - EG :
We are sorry, the equipment dealership that owns this Sennebogen 821 M Green Line waste / industry handlers has either sold or removed this listing from the MASCUS CANDA database. To find additional waste / industry handlers or equipment produced in 2010 located in Holten Netherlands kindly click on “Buy” at the top left of this page and enter Sennebogen 821 M Green Line in the search box. This will return all the equipment we have in our database under that or similar criteria. Details - Unit Number: BM9757, Meter readout: 8,770 h, Engine power: 104 kW (142 hp), Carrier type: Wheeled, Engine: Deutz