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Product categoryScreeners
Brand / modelHein Lehmann Spannwellen Siebmaschine
Manufacturing year1978
Meter readout5,000 h
Gross weight6,000 kg
Extra informationSiebgröße 1500 x 5700 mm

Die Maschine hat eine sehr gute Substanz.
Auf Wunsch überholen wir die Maschine komplett.
We are sorry, the equipment dealership that owns this [Other] Hein Lehmann Spannwellen Siebmaschine screeners has either sold or removed this listing from the MASCUS CANDA database. To find additional screeners or equipment produced in 1978 located in - Austria kindly click on “Buy” at the top left of this page and enter [Other] Hein Lehmann Spannwellen Siebmaschine in the search box. This will return all the equipment we have in our database under that or similar criteria. Details - Meter readout: 5,000 h, Gross weight: 6,000 kg