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    Used Caterpillar excavators for sale

    In this section you will find all the classified ads for the used Caterpillar excavators available for sale. Browse them by year of production, working hours, price or country. You will find all used Caterpillar excavators grouped by model.
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    • Caterpillar 349 E, 2012, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 349EEngine power:

      Crawler Excavators
      2012 11,659 h
      Canada, St-augustin-de-desmaures, QC

      157,800 CAD
    • Caterpillar 336, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 336FLEngine power:

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 7,111 h
      Canada, Pointe-claire, QC

      255,600 CAD
    • Caterpillar 321 D LCR, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 321DLCR

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 4,504 h
      Canada, Toronto, ON

      215,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 315, 2018, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 315FLCR

      Crawler Excavators
      2018 1,384 h
      Canada, Client, QC

    • Caterpillar 336 EL, 2013, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 336EL

      Crawler Excavators
      2013 9,020 h
      Canada, London, ON

      153,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 301.7 D, 2017, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 301.7DCRAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Extra information: BLADE DITCH BUCKET STANDARD BUCKET

      Crawler Excavators
      2017 103 h
      Canada, Saint Laurent, QC

      34,900 CAD
    • Caterpillar 320 EL RR, 2013, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 320ELRRExtra information: Description: Enclosed cab, air conditioning.32" track pads. hydraulic thumb, 2 buckets quick-attach, good paint, good cosmetics. Express Fin

      Crawler Excavators
      2013 2,100 h
      Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

      229,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 320 D L, 2010, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 320DL

      Crawler Excavators
      2010 6,404 h
      Canada, Pointe- Claire, QC

      91,100 CAD
    • Caterpillar 349, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 349FL

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 3,443 h
      Canada, Client, QC

    • Caterpillar 320 D LRR, 2009, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 320DLRR

      Crawler Excavators
      2009 8,095 h
      Canada, Sudbury, ON

      110,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 305.5 E CR, 2014, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 305.5ECRAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Engine power: , Extra information: BATTLEFIELD EQUIPMENT QUEBEC HAVE EXCLUSIVE REMARKETING RIGHTS TO THIS MACHINE FROM JANUARY 6, 2020 TO FEBRUARY 6, 2020

      Crawler Excavators
      2014 1,971 h
      Canada, Saint-laurent, QC

      58,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 235, 1985, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 235 ExcavatorExtra information: 1985 Cat 235 Excavator Cat Engine, Automatic Transmission. ***Parts Only*** Contact us for pricing on specific parts.

      Crawler Excavators

    • Caterpillar 352 F, 2018, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 352FVG

      Crawler Excavators
      2018 768 h
      Canada, Client, QC

    • Caterpillar 350, 2012, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 350G

      Crawler Excavators
      2012 9,600 h
      Canada, Client, QC

    • Caterpillar 302.5 C, 2012, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 302.5 CExtra information: UNIT IS EQUIPPED WITH A PATTERN CHANGER.

      Crawler Excavators
      2012 2,200 h
      Canada, ON

      23,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 336 D L, 2010, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 336DL

      Crawler Excavators
      2010 10,037 h
      Canada, Windsor, ON

      85,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 329 EL, 2013, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 329ELAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Extra information: THE FOLLOWING ITEMS HAVE NOW BEEN COMPLETED: CLEAN & PAINT COUNTERWEIGHT. REPLACE FRONT GLASS & CABLE ASSEMBLY. REPLACE ALL MIRRORS. REP

      Crawler Excavators
      2013 6,909 h
      Canada, Corner Brook, NL

      199,900 CAD
    • Caterpillar 320, 2018, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 320 07AAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 3, Engine power: , Extra information: THE FOLLOWING ITEMS HAVE NOW BEEN COMPLETED: CLEAN CAB INTERIOR. REPLACE CAB AIR FILTERS. TOP UP FLUIDS. REPAIR BOOM LIGHT. TOROMONT CA

      Crawler Excavators
      2018 428 h
      Canada, Dartmouth, NS

      250,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 330 D L, 2007, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 330DL

      Crawler Excavators
      2007 12,182 h
      Canada, Ottawa, ON

      85,000 CAD
    • Caterpillar 305, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCaterpillar 305E2 CRExtra information: BLADE DITCH BUCKET QUICK COUPLER HYDRAULIC STANDARD BUCKET

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 2,249 h
      Canada, Ville St-laurent, Montréal, QC

      65,890 CAD

    Caterpillar Excavators (Diggers)

    Caterpillar offers a wide variety of options and solutions for your excavating needs. Caterpillar excavators are world-class machines and are known around the industry as being among the top brands available. If you are in the market for a used excavator or digger, Caterpillar is a brand that you should consider.

    Some of the top models offered by Caterpillar include the D-series of small hydraulic excavators that are both efficient and practical diggers that can be used for an array of different jobs. Caterpillar excavators from its D-series are well-built machines for anyone looking to buy quality equipment.

    Caterpillar also offers large excavators that employ some of today's top technology. If you need a large Caterpillar digger, you will be delighted by the great assortment offered by the brand. The operator stations in these machines are among the finest and safest in the industry.

    For something in between, you will want to take a look at Caterpillar's medium hydraulic excavators. These midsized machines are the perfect balance of power, maneuverability and affordability. You can find many used excavators available in this popular size on the Mascus website. They are great for a wide range of jobs, and because they are the Caterpillar brand, you know they are durable and reliable.

    All of the Caterpillar excavators and diggers available are of the finest quality and cutting edge technology. If you are in the market for an excavator or digger, you will definitely want to consider the Caterpillar brand. Whether you are in the market for a new piece of equipment, or a more budget friendly used model, you should have no problem finding a machine that will suit your needs with Caterpillar.

    Popular models of Cat excavators:

    Caterpillar 330DL, Caterpillar 320CL, Caterpillar 315CL, Caterpillar 345CL,Caterpillar 330CL

    Caterpillar excavators and diggers are available online, where you can research the various available models and all of their exact specifications.