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Used Tempo used agricultural machines for sale

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  • Tempo 6, 1995, Utility Trailers

    Tempo 6Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Amount of previous owners: 1

    Utility Trailers
    Finland, Vehmaa

    7,146 CAD
  • Tempo 600 Pöyhin/karhotin, Rakes And Tedders

    Tempo 600 Pöyhin/karhotinDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 600

    Rakes And Tedders

    Finland, Kankaanpää

    8,021 CAD
  • Tempo 7 TN, 1995, Utility Trailers

    Tempo 7 TN

    Utility Trailers

    2,352 CAD
  • Tempo 15, 2009, Other Trailers

    Tempo 15Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 85%, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Rear tires remaining: 85%

    Other Trailers
    Finland, Joensuu

    16,347 CAD
  • Tempo Koukkuvaunu, 2005, Utility Trailers

    Tempo KoukkuvaunuTyre brand: Bkt, Max. load capacity: 1.5e+007, Production country: RU

    Utility Trailers
    Finland, Pori

    19,405 CAD
  • Tempo 11M3 IMU-PAINEVAUNU, Slurry Tankers


    Slurry Tankers

    Finland, Kuopio, Konekeskus

    3,293 CAD
  • Tempo 12, Dump Trailers

    Tempo 12

    Dump Trailers

    Finland, Kouvola

    8,527 CAD
  • Tempo 10, Dump Trailers

    Tempo 10

    Dump Trailers

    Finland, Ylivieska

    3,411 CAD
  • Tempo 320, Harrows

    Tempo 320Drive configuration: Mounted, Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Working width: 320


    Finland, Pudasjärvi

    1,167 CAD
  • Tempo Hinattava Käärijä, Baler Wrappers

    Tempo Hinattava KäärijäDrive configuration: Trailed

    Baler Wrappers

    Finland, Urjala, Suomi, Finland

    3,281 CAD
  • Tempo PTU - 14, Manure Spreaders

    Tempo PTU - 14Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4

    Manure Spreaders

    Finland, Huittinen Hankkija Kievarinkatu 3

    20,272 CAD
  • Tempo maansiirtovaunu 15tn, 2000, Dump Trailers

    Tempo maansiirtovaunu 15tnTyre brand: made in russia, Production country: RU, Max. load capacity: 1e+007

    Dump Trailers
    Finland, Kempele

    6,117 CAD
  • Tempo 11m3, Other Trailers

    Tempo 11m3

    Other Trailers


    7,645 CAD
  • Tempo 10 B, 2011, Manure Spreaders

    Tempo 10 B

    Manure Spreaders
    Finland, iisalmi

    16,349 CAD
  • Tempo 12, 2006, Slurry Tankers

    Tempo 12Average grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4, Max. load capacity: 1.2e+007, Tank volume: 12000

    Slurry Tankers

    9,350 CAD
  • Tempo 13, Cultivators

    Tempo 13


    Finland, Mikkeli, myymälä

    3,410 CAD
  • Tempo kultivaattori 13P, Cultivators

    Tempo kultivaattori 13P


    Finland, Seinäjoki (Nurmo) Eepee AGRI

    3,398 CAD
  • Tempo Kippivaunu, Dump Trailers

    Tempo KippivaunuAverage grade; 1=lowest, 5=highest: 4

    Dump Trailers


    6,847 CAD
  • Tempo 16 ton perävaunu, Grain Trailers

    Tempo 16 ton perävaunu

    Grain Trailers


    9,319 CAD
  • Tempo PTU hydro 10tn., 2000, Manure Spreaders

    Tempo PTU hydro 10tn.

    Manure Spreaders

    6,821 CAD

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