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In this section you will find a list of currently available used Unimog trucks for sale on You can sort the ads by country, price or year of production. Please, find also a list of all used Unimog trucks selected by model.

Unimog Trucks

There are many options listed when comparing Unimog trucks. A 1987 Unimog U 1300 L with 56,000 km, a 170 hp 5.7 liter, six cylinder, with turbo diesel engine, an 8-speed gearbox, • power steering, dual circuit disc brakes and standard axles will last you a long time as it is built with high quality parts.

Top Models of Unimog Trucks for Sale

The Unimog Truck U500Is is a 4x4 truck brought to us by Mercedez Benz. This heavy-duty truck has a 6.4-liter with a three-seat cab. There is no hood to block the view so you will have zero obstruction in front of you when looking at the road. The transmission is heavy-duty and offers eight forward gears and six reverse gears. The clutch is manual, which is great for quick shifts. Selecting the gears is done with a toggle switch on the gearshift, which enables up and down shifting with a touch..

The U500Is is an all wheel drive truck with two gears for low range. The Unimog truck was tested on an off road course highly modified 4x4 buggies and custom trucks. The front and rear axles have geared hubs and a central tire inflation system so the drive cab raise or lower the tire pressure if needed without having to exit the vehicle.

How about a 1994 UNIMOG U140 L Factory Prototype with 29,000 km, 1200 Hours of running time, a 140 hp, a four liter, four cylinder turbo diesel engine, automatic transmission, power steering, dual circuit disc brakes, fast axles, and a high and low transfer case.

The Mercedez Benz Unimog truck has been tested as a great off road vehicle for anyone.

Popular models:

Unimog UX 100, Unimog 1300, Unimog 1300 L

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