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In this section you will find a list of currently available used Kraz trucks for sale on You can sort the ads by country, price or year of production. Please, find also a list of all used Kraz trucks selected by model.

Kraz Trucks

Kraz trucks, the Ukrainian truck manufacturer has manufactured some of the toughest and most reliable off-road and on-road trucks. One of the first off-road trucks they produced at the factory in Kremenchuck was the KrAZ-255. This was the first truck of its kind with its giant tires and enormous body. This one truck helped to revitalize the Ukrainian economy following the Second World War.

Top Models of Kraz Trucks for Sale

The next Kraz truck that was released was named the KrAZ-256. This truck was not built for off-road. The company became so popular that it was awarded the Order of Lenin, by the Soviet Union, for their contributions.

In the early 1980's the Kraz truck company decided to update their models. Thus, they created the KrAZ-260 and the KrAZ-261. These two models proved more popular than their predecessors. This was followed by the KrAZ-6322, the KrAZ-6501, and the KrAZ-7133H4. The introduction of these models helped boost the Kraz trucks company the most popular Ukrainian manufacturer of all time.

Today these trucks are still found on the road as well as off-road. The Kraz trucks for sale can often be found on the Mascus website. Often a Kraz truck for sale can be seen in other places such as on a bulletin board on a poster sitting on a Kraz truck.

Today, Kraz trucks are still known for their reliability. Many people still buy these trucks used simply because they know they can depend on the Ukrainian truck. Not only are they great for their off-road capability they are also known for their ability to tow other large trucks, travel where other trucks have only thought about going, and offer the driver more years of service than any other truck on the market.

Popular models:

Kraz 255B, Kraz 65055

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