Construction & Mining

There are many renowned brands manufacturing construction machines like Volvo, Komatsu, Caterpillar and JCB that can be found on Mascus. The used construction machines ads are divided into different subcategories. Please, follow the links to view the machines.

How do I find used construction machines within the category?

When looking for used machines on the Mascus website, remember that you can locate used construction machinery for sale either by the dealers or by construction companies in all subcategories. This is why you need to know that in order to purchase any kind of equipment found on the Mascus website, you need to contact the seller directly. Mascus neither participates in the transactions nor do we own any pre-owned construction machines. To contact the seller, just use the online form which can be found under the dealer’s address, or call the seller directly using the telephone number provided. When talking to the seller, please mention the Mascus website.

What should I do if the machinery I chose is not available for sale?

If you look for a particular machine that is not available on our website, please feel free to use our Want Ad Service. This service is free of charge and is available < a href="" rel="nofollow"> here. Your query will be sent automatically to a number of used construction machines dealers who advertise on Mascus.

Finalizing the purchase or organizing transportation for used construction machines.

If you are interested in paying or organizing transportation for the used construction machines you purchased, you can find an applicable online form below each ad to help you in this area. All you need to do is to click on the logo of a financial or transportation company and send a query. See more information concerning transportation and < a href= "" rel="nofollow">financial services.

How can I use Mascus services to purchase used construction machines easily and in a safe way?

Mascus, the electronic marketplace, makes it easy to establish contact between the buyers and sellers of used construction machines. In addition, we suggest you consider our advice, which will help you to use our services safely.

How can I sell used construction machines on Mascus?

If you are interested in placing an ad for used construction machines on the Mascus website you can do so by following Mascus rules and making use of our price list. Additionally, we have some special packages for dealers and companies that sell used machines. To find out more information, contact us.

Why should I register if I just want to buy a used construction machine? 

Registration allows you to make use of extra features without having to continually re-enter your personal details. It lets you browse functions, contact dealers or send a Want Ad, among others.. The information you enter will be saved which will allow you to recall which ads you have already browsed through. Best of all, registration is free of charge and gives you many opportunities.

How do I search for dealers of construction machinery in my area?

It is quite easy to find the dealers of construction machinery. Simply visit Mascus Locator and find services concerning construction machinery and equipment

You can search for dealers by choosing the location - region (for example dealers from Europe), country (for example dealers from Canada)