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In this section you will find a list of currently available used Scania trucks for sale on You can sort the ads by country, price or year of production. Please, find also a list of all used Scania trucks selected by model.

Scania Trucks

For many years, Scania have been one of the leading manufacturers of tractor units, and it is recognized as the third largest brands of heavy goods vehicle manufacturers in the world. The success of the Scania Company is embedded in its rich history as a heavy goods manufacturer..

The company was formed in 1891 in Europe, and has had a solid focus on developing heavier vehicles for transportation and goods haulage; which include trucks, buses and the development of marine engines.

In today’s world, It would be unusual NOT to see a Scania truck out on the roads as the company operates out of over 100 countries.

Scania vehicles are an optimal choice for the long distance driver as they are robust, unique in design and are hard working. The cabins are comfortable with clean lines, easy to use readouts and controls; and often have a roomy sleeper in the back of some of the larger vehicle cabins.

In 1999 the Scania fleet became more ‘eco-friendly’ when they produced the ‘Euro-3’ series of low-emission engines, this followed the upgrade of trucks and buses in 1996 when Scania introduced the 4-Series generation of vehicles.

Scania didn’t stop there as they also produced a newer version of the very successful V8 in the year 2000; this was the birth of the 16-liter V-8 engine.

Incidentally, Scania manufactured and sold 1,000,000 vehicles in 2000.

When a heavy goods vehicle driver or logistics company purchases a single unit or fleet of Scania trucks, they know they are getting a reliable product, which has a service reputation that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Scania trucks withstand the test of time and so it makes purchasing a previously owned vehicle an easy decision for many buyers.

Scania trucks are reasonably priced and thus make Scania an attractive solution to everybody in the transportation and haulage industry

Scania is certainly one option that heavy goods drivers and operators should consider as the vehicles are affordable, they have fantastic service history, and a great reputation. Every long or short distance driver deserves to own a Scania truck.